The Meteor is a not-for-profit, independent media project – an alternative, radical, community-based publication for the people of Manchester. By telling stories that are neglected in the mainstream, investigating and challenging local power structures and exploring important issues, from the everyday to the earth-shattering, we aim to promote social justice in our city and beyond.

Our Principles

There is an alternative

Media is big business. Both locally and nationally, the sector is dominated by a handful of huge, billionaire-owned corporations driven by profit and the need to secure advertising revenue. As such, the mainstream media serves elite interests and filters out any meaningful critique of corporate power or government.

We’re offering an alternative. By creating an independent media source working in the interest of the local community, we’re aiming to amplify the voices, issues and ideas that are marginalised, under-represented or ignored by the mainstream.

Our work should encourage social change

We will report the news, and also present opportunities for a better future. By providing research and information that can be utilised by campaigners, as well as being actively involved in our local areas, we aim to foster engagement, debate and action in the community.

Our work should be open, inclusive and diverse

We are committed to being accurate, fair and honest in everything we publish; transparent about our political stances, finances and accountable to the local community.

We’re aiming to create a platform where a diverse range of voices can be heard, particularly those that are shut out of the mainstream media. We recognise that this is something that can always be improved and we will continue to work to make the project as inclusive and participatory as possible. We welcome comments, suggestions and offers of collaboration from anyone who shares our passion for independent media for Manchester.

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